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Senior Physical Science Projects (Grades 9 - 12)

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  • Study of accuracy of calculators 
  • The mathematics of snowflakes 
  • Observational orbit determination of comets, meteors or other minor planets 
  • The effect of solar activity on radio propagation 
  • Observations of sunspots, flares and prominences 
  • A study of solar flares through the sudden enhancement of atmospherics 
  • The identification of elements in the solar and stellar spectra 
  • Experimental exploration of the photoelectric effect 
  • Experimenting with electron diffraction 
  • Observations of magnetic permeability of different materials 
  • Comparing magnetic pysteresis for different material 
  • A study of radiation patterns from different antenna types 
  • Factors affecting scent propagation 
  • Factors affecting sound propagation 
  • Factors affecting sound dampening 
  • Index of refraction of liquids versus temperature 
  • Index of refraction of liquids versus amount of additive 
  • A study of infrared qualities of certain solutions 
  • Crystal growth rates versus solution strengths, temperature, etc 
  • Observation of freezing rates of water for different starting temperatures 
  • Reproduce the stanley miller experiments "The Origin of Life" 
  • Find the optimal gas mixture for a stanley miller experiment 
  • Experimenting with various separation techniques (e.g. electrophoresis) 
  • A study of catalyzed reactions 
  • A study of saponification reactions 
  • A study of esterification reactions 
  • The physics of ski waves