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Senior Environmental Science Projects (Grades 9 - 12)

Please Select a Topic Area:


  • The study of flora in a given region 
  • Observations of urban wildlife 
  • Study of adaptations of city flora to smog 
  • An ecological study of the animal and plant populations occupying the same tree 
  • The effects of crowding (with the same or other species) on a certain plant 
  • Annual variations in the ecology of a body of water 
  • A study of a shoreline 
  • Observations of the spread of Dutch Elm disease 
  • A study of the relation between soil type and vegetation 
  • A study of the relation between vegetation and insects 
  • Monitoring the changes in wildlife caused by human encroachment 
  • The study of the impact of pollution on an ecosystem 
  • A study of water pollution from feed lot farms 
  • Tracing chemical(e.g. DDT) concentrations in successive food chain levels 
  • Ozone destruction experiments 
  • A study of air purification methods 
  • Efficient methods of breaking down crude oil in seawater 
  • Experimenting with microbial degradation of petroleum 
  • Experimenting with biodegradability 
  • Finding efficient methods of harvesting and using plankton 
  • Find and ink that would decompose for recycling paper