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Senior Engineering Projects (Grades 9 - 12)

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  • Design considerations for "Solar Heated" homes 
  • Design considerations for "Solar-Cell" powered homes 
  • A study of propeller designs for wind generators 
  • Production of electrical energy from mechanical sources 
  • Study of efficient home insulation 
  • Comparing Insulative Properties of various natural and commercial 
  • insulators 
  • The effect of landscaping and architecture on energy consumption 
  • Efficiency studies on transformers 
  • The effect of temperature on resistance 
  • Study of formation of images on a T.V tube 
  • Efficiency studies of L.E.D.'s (light emitting diodes) 
  • L.E.D illumination versus incandescent illumination in practice 
  • Voice communication with infrared light and fibre optics 
  • Find the maximum speed in fibre optic links 
  • Study of various phosphors in fluorescent lighting 
  • Structure versus strength in dams 
  • Testing and comparing consumer products