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Eastern Newfoundland
Regional Science Fair at the
Canada Wide Science Fair 2001

General Information

This web site was designed to give students some information about the Canada Wide Science Fair. In 2001 8 students (six projects) from our region traveled to the CWSF and helped make this web site. The Canada Wide Science Fair is an annual event host by a different region each year. Our region will be hosting in 2004 (the Sea Fair!). This year the CWSF was in Kingston, Ontario. The hosts did an excellent job and the fair was a great success. Each year our region takes 8 students and requires 2 delegates (that have duties at the fair).

Our regional science fair is an annual event that brings together over 500 of the best and brightest Grade 7 to 12 Science students in the Eastern Newfoundland Area. To qualify for the fair, students will have already proven their skill in their school science fair, and must register using the information posted on this page. The fair will take place at Memorial University in late March or the first week of April.

The volunteer regional council that organizes the fair includes local area teachers, university researchers and entrepreneurs. If you have any questions regarding this fair you may contact Pat Wells: pwells@bishops.ntc.nf.ca

Links to Summaries, Commentaries and Images
The pages are ones posted by students from our region. There are 6 summaries with an image of the projects and a list of FAQ's that will be of interest to students going to the CWSF in the future. See the fun we had in our images here

Project # Summary FAQ's
1 1 Summary 1 FAQ
2 2 Summary 2 FAQ
3 3 Summary 3 FAQ
4 4 Summary 4 FAQ
5 5 Summary 5 FAQ
6 6 Summary 6 FAQ
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We had a successful year at the CWSF with regards to awards. If you follow the links above, Project # 1 won an honorable mention as did project # 5. Project # 6 by S. Gammon won a gold medal (400.00 dollars), was offered an entrance scholarship to Queen's University (10,000.00 dollars), won the Ontario Power Generation Award (1500.00 dollars) and the Chemical Institute of Canada Award (500.00 dollars). Wow! back to top of page

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